Software I wrote

...and hopefully not too many people are stuck with... :-)

  • amded → Audio Meta Data EDitor

  • arename → Automatic Audio file renamer

  • dewi → Deploy and Withdraw configuration files

  • genchangelog → Generate Classic ChangeLog files from git history

  • guile-termios → Library that implements an interface to POSIX's termios interface for GNU Guile

  • olscrbl → scrobble.log submission tool

  • scm-test-tap → Test framework written in Scheme, that emits TAP output

  • test-dispatch → Dispatches test code, written in multiple languages to the correct language interpreter, so that larger test suites implemented in more than one language can be run in one test-harness

  • test-tui → Framework for testing text-user-interface programs; emits TAP output

  • zblog(dead) Blogging engine written in zsh

  • zsh-am → Automation for importing patches send to zsh's mailing lists into zsh's git-repository

  • zsh-lookup → Zsh Interfaces to “The Internet”; think surfraw, but with tighter integration into the shell

Also, the “vcs_info” framework is included in zsh since version 4.3.7. See "man zshcontrib" for details.

Software I maintain debian packages of

  • fdm

  • zsh (Packaging Team member)

Configuration Files

I used to make a few of my configuration files available here. However, I'm keeping all of my configuration files in version control repositories these days, so everything here was outdated to some degree. The good people at let me keep my files on their servers (the link is also in the sidebar of this page).

I keep some of the pages around, in those cases where my setup contains parts that may be interesting for other people as well.

Bits from my zsh setup