arename - automatic audio file renaming

The arename manual (nroff).

A blog posting about arename's usage.
And another about new features in version 4.0.

arename's git repository can be found at github.

A brief Changelog.

Important Upgrade information.

arename downloads via github


arename version 4.1 released July 24th, 2017
arename version 4.0 released November 6th, 2011
arename version 3.1 released November 18th, 2009
arename version 3.0 released September 30th, 2009
arename version 2.0 released December 15th, 2008
arename version 1.6 released April 6th, 2008
arename version 1.5 released March 31th, 2008
arename version 1.2 as well as 1.3 and 1.4 released March 12th, 2008
arename version 1.1 released March 10th, 2008
arename version 1.0 released March 1st, 2008


Everything has to have screenshots. For command line based apps, that is
a little harder than for all those shiny GUI apps; but anyway:

Some tracks ripped into different formats
A dryrun without config on one file
Still a dryrun, but this time with a configuration
And the same thing really quiet
Okay, but let's use another template.
Now on all files
And a real run on those files...
Aaaaand the result.

So there. That's what arename looks like. Not too shabby, I think. :)
And just in case you wondered, ataglist does actually work, too:
Finally an ataglist run

And arename 4.0 and newer is colourful, by default: Colourful arename