dewi - User Configuration File Deployment and Withdrawal


Dewi is a powerful system, that lets you deploy your precious configuration files on a new system with a mere:

% dewi deploy


  • July 14th, 2010: dewi version 0.1 released.
  • July 18th, 2010: dewi version 0.2 released.
  • July 29th, 2016: dewi version 0.3 released.


The initial basic ideas and the underlying design of the system is outlined in:

A possible way to bootstrap a new account in a few commands is described here:

Another article that outlines version 0.3, that — among other things — fixes a number of mistakes in dewi's initial design:

Dewi is fully documented:


Examples of full-blown Dewifiles can be found here:

  • Dewifile of my zsh setup: Uses hooks and filename transformers.
  • Dewifile of my emacs setup: This is a giant Dewifile, that handles a number of non-trivial problems:
    • Deploy emacs setup for unix
    • Deploy emacs setup for cygwin
    • Deploy emacs setup for win32
    • Byte-compile the emacs lisp files after deployment

More Information

Dewi's version control repository is here: dewi at github. Its README, LICENCE, CHANGES and UPGRADING files can be viewed online aswell.

Currently, there are no release tarballs and no vendor packages I know of.

Dewi is registered at ohloh: dewi at ohloh Feel free to visit, rate and hit the "I use it" button. ;)