Reporting fdm Bugs to the debian BTS ate my cat!1!!

Sorry 'bout that.

Please use Debian's reportbug tool and closely follow these instructions.

In addition let me quote the README.Debian, included in the package's

When trying to deal with problems in fdm, it is commonly a good idea,
to send in fdm's output with a high level of verbosity enabled.
However, such a high level of verbosity will output user names and
passwords as well, which you normally do not want others to know
about. For that purpose, fdm's upstream author provides a small awk
script, that is supposed to filter out such authentication information
from fdm's output. This script, called 'fdm-sanitize', is shipped in
the 'examples' subdirectory of the package's documentation directory.

Thus, to generate debugging output, you can do something like this:
% fdm -vvvv f 2>&1 | fdm-sanitize | tee saved-output

If you followed all that, you've probably come up with a useful bug report.

If you're faced with the task to try whether a patch fixes a given problem
for you, stick to these instructions, which will hopefully help you in
dealing with that situation.